FRAME pitching 2020

@Prague Comics Art Festival

 It’s not yet here, but it will be our icing on the cake, chery on the top, the delightful highlight of the festival – Frame Pitching.

 You may ask, what is this newly planned and cool feature of our festival? The answer is simple: the series of meetings between authors and international jury, which will judge their upcoming comics projects in various stages of developement.

 The meetings will consist of presentation, where applicants will have  10 minutes to pitch to the jury their ideas on their comics project (f. e. an album, series or a shorter comics form in various stages of preparation). How do you present your project it’s completely up to you – form of mixed media, a presentation of drafts, finished storyboards, a scenario etc.

 Only 9 artists will be chosen among all the applications and they will be invited to take part in the FRAME Pitching. They will be reimbursed for the costs of travel to Prague and will have an accommodation during the FRAME festival. FRAME Pitching will be held next November, 2019 in the main festival place. Entrance will be only for accredited guests invited by the organizers. Submit your comics project  nownow.