for the short comics up to 10 pages 

Frame’s popular competition is back. For the first time we had almost 200 contributions from all over the world. So here we go again – with new year comes new topic – The Last Tree. The winner will receive 250 EUR and the value of other prizes is 500 EUR. Conditions for the competition remains the same, please check them out by clicking on the button below. Selected works will be published as part of the anthology and yes the anthology will be in a comics form. So don’t be shy, use our entry form and submit your piece of art today (or any other day till July 1st). 



Here are the winners of the competition from the last year (2017). But if you prefer more classical form of reading comics, please feel free to browse our shops, for your soon to be own, printed copy of the full color anthology with works of 97 authors and over 2 kilos of curated comics.


by Marek Rubec

the jury’s special prize