The exhibitions are an inseparable part of the festival. In the 7th edition, you can look forward to three exhibitions – Dirty Thirty: 30 Years of Making a Scene, Stripburger (SI), Fresh Comics from SB Comics Fair 2023, ILUSTRAD/AS: A look at avant-garde female creation in the field of contemporary illustration, Bea Lema (ES), Instituto Cervantes Gallery.

Stripburger is an international comics magazine, based in Ljubljana (Slovenia), which has for over 30 years now been maintaining its recognizable concept and a distinctly global character by shedding light on independent local comics scenes and publishing a wide range of comics by established names and new talents. Two issues are published annually, featuring a variety of comics, complementing them with news and critical reflection on the comic art and medium. An important part of Stripburger’s activities are exhibitions, workshops, lectures and other events that aim to promote comics, so it also acts as a platform that elevates creative potential, nurturing it and making it visible in multiple ways. Stripburger editors and artists regularly attend different comics festivals and fairs to spread the power of comics.


Stripburger, an edgy comics magazine with a peculiar character and a distinctive cosmopolitan taste was first published in 1992. In three decades, it has evolved from an experimental visual fanzine into one of the most prominent and active players in both the Slovenian and international comics scene and an adamant promoter of independent and alternative comics culture. Many of the now-established names have started their creative careers on the pages of Stripburger.

In focus of the exhibition is the chunky new anniversary anthology Dirty Thirty: Thirty Years of Making a Scene, showcasing the most vibrant and gritty comics from Stripburger’s first 30-year history. Silkscreen and riso posters were created by comics authors, who are included in the anthology amidst our many other friends since ever with their diverse and unique comics. 

Signed by a bunch of Slovenian and international comics artists, the exhibited works represent all the diversity, uniqueness and variety that has been one of Stripburger’s hallmarks from its inception to the present day.

ShortBox Comics Fair 2023

Zainab Akhtar

ShortBox Comics Fair is an innovative and pioneering digital comics fair, with participating artists from around the world all debuting new, original comics!

The aim of the fair is to serve as both a creative impetus for artists to make something new, and to provide a platform for fresh and unique independent comics, gathered in one place.

ShortBox Comics Fair is an accessible, comics-focused event: artists and comics readers can participate from anywhere in the world (no travel, no con-crud, no lugging suitcases full of comics back and forth!). 

The fair takes place annually throughout October. Exhibiting artists retain full ownership/rights of their comics and receive 100% of sales (minus payment processing fees).


The founder and curator of SB Comics Fair, Zainab Akhtar and director of FRAME, Klara Vöröšová, selected 10 debuting comics from this year’s edition to be exhibited at FRAME. The artists are Angie Kang, Azam Raharjo, Barbara Benas, Bolzemo, CA Strike, Felipe Ortiz, Megan Llewellyn, Pavina, Shazleen Khan, and Theo Stultz.


A look at avant-garde female creation in the field of contemporary illustration.

To speak of illustration today is to speak of a trend, an avant-garde, a worldwide creative phenomenon. It is impossible to deny the boom that illustration has been experiencing in recent years, thanks to a new generation of artists who, through the Internet and especially through social networks, have managed to disseminate their work directly, without intermediaries. A fact that we could consider normal for the visual era in which we live, but which is revolutionary and groundbreaking, since, in this way, illustrators have managed to eliminate at a stroke the traditional elitist barriers and make illustration a close, accessible art, in which dialogue between artists and the public is possible.

The curator of the exhibition, Matildeodríguez, a cultural manager specialising in contemporary illustration, design and urban art, has selected works by 12 leading national and international artists, including the Chilean Luisa Rivera and the Spaniards Sonia Pulido, María Hesse, Helena Pérez García and Lara Lars, to highlight the role of women in this illustration boom. The exhibition also aims to show the freest, most creative and personal work of the selected illustrators, as well as to explore the different formats and techniques with which they work: silkscreen prints, collages, ceramics, risographs, digital drawings and sculptures. A sample of the high level of creativity and experimentation in illustration today.

The curator says of the exhibition: “ILUSTRAD/AS is avant-garde, creativity, professionalism and diversity. Twelve artists who represent many more within this current artistic and cultural scene where women stand out for their quality and professionalism. Artists who set trends, who have come to stay and who still have a lot to say, to draw, to share, to claim. Because the future of illustration is also feminine”.

The exhibition is open until 20.3. 2024 at Instituto Cervantes Praga.