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An integral part of the festival are authors’ exhibitions. As part of the 6th edition of FRAME, you can look forward to three – Na Západ Severozápadní linkou by Jindřich Janíček (CZ), Even in dark times, there is a light by Pictoric (UA) and Illustrated Dialogues by the duo Aroha Travé & Rosa Codina (ES).

Even in dark times, there is a light


A set of illustrations based on stories of events in Ukraine. Each illustration is a unique story that gives us hope even in such a difficult time. The prints are for sale, after the festival there will be an auction and the proceeds will be used to support Ukraine and its people.

Even in dark times, there is a light

On 24 February 2022, a full-scale, unprecedented, and unjustified Russian invasion of Ukraine began. This terrible and senseless war is marked by extreme cruelty. Ukraine is suffering from the destruction of strategic facilities and infrastructure and horrifying losses among the civilian population. Several cities were utterly destroyed, forcing civilians to flee their homes. Millions of these people go abroad, tonnes seek refuge in other, safer regions of Ukraine. However, wherever Ukrainians find a place to stay, they continue to look for ways to support their fellow citizens, help with the accommodation of temporary refugees, help to find bulletproof vests for territorial defense forces, and help with humanitarian aid. Every Ukrainian today is fighting on their front for saving lives, our democracy, and the sovereignty of the state. Society has become a united ecosystem that fights the aggressor. In addition to city bombings, killings, and physical and psychological abuse, Russia is waging a fierce propaganda information war. The aggressor openly uses lies, manipulations, and fakes, which often deceive people, who can not witness the actual situation in Ukraine themselves.

Today, every Ukrainian has stopped their activities and is fighting the attacker in any way they can to stop the destruction, killings, and propaganda. Ukraine has become a united mechanism in the fight against the aggressor: from the military with weapons to an artist with a pencil. Our project aims to tell the stories of people who became heroes for everyone with their courage, confidence, and love for their country.

A platform with illustrated stories

Everyone puts themselves in danger by providing for the basic needs of the population of Ukrainian cities and villages: IT engineers create applications that help people in danger, journalists instantly cover actual events, drivers carry food to remote locations, pharmacists continue working, volunteers rescue pets, managers, coordinate complex communications and so on. Everyone does an unreal job. There is nothing impossible for Ukrainians now.

With this project, we want to record the great deeds, the suffering, and the stories of regular people who, despite fear, suffering, and uncertainty, are doing everything possible to stop this war and further work in developing Ukraine.

During the project, Ukrainian illustrators will create illustrations, comics, posters, and animations based on real stories of people who gave up their peaceful lives to fight the war both on the battlefield, in shelters, and in homes. We will create an online platform in different languages ​​that will capture real events and personal stories of Ukrainians. Collected interviews, phone screenshots, private photos, and videos will allow the illustrators to tell the whole world about the war in Ukraine, and the brutal struggle for freedom and justice. Immersive illustrations by Ukrainian artists will cover these stories. This project will serve as a tool for preserving and documenting war-related information, combating fakes and propaganda, and will also help develop Ukrainian culture, which is now also negatively affected by the war to reflect and heal from trauma, and help support artists in need.

We plan to collect at least a hundred stories of Ukrainians and involve about twenty illustrators in the creation of visual content.



Jindřich Janíček

What would be the soundtrack to places like Seattle, Salk Lake City, Portland or Vancouver? What to expect near Twin Peaks filming locations? How many hours is necessary to spend in bookshops during your vacation? Travelogue by one of the most appreciated illustrators is inadvertently answering these questions.

West by Northwest

Author is trying to keep in his memory all experi- ences from his brief travels in Pacific Northwest with all the ex- citement that goes with being on vacation and having free time to sketch anything. That’s probably why the book contains drawings of old bridges, highway junctions, bay side towns, big bridges, small local points of interest, not really that interest- ing neighborhoods or really old and big bridges. Comics meets amply illustrated prose supplemented with maps, charts and diagrams.

About author

Jindřich Janíček (1990) Born in Znojmo. Graduated at Illustration studio in the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. Winner of Czech Grand Design Price for his illustrations. Works as an Illustrator and book designer.

Aroha Travé

Ilustrované dialogy / Illustrated dialogues

She works closely with La Cúpula. Her energetic style of drawing, which draws on the most indomitable voices of the underground, first appeared in the pages of Voltio magazine. Her book debut was Carne de cañón (2020), a pithy and savage comic crawling with pathetic and hearty beings. It won her the Spanish Association of Comic Critics (ACDCómic) award for best emerging author and other awards at comic festivals in Barcelona, Valencia and Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Rosa Codina

Ilustrované dialogy / Illustrated dialogues

Rosa Codina was born in 1987, the same year in which the story of her comic Rompepistas (2019) takes place. She was born in Ordal, a village in Alt Penedès in the province of Barcelona, surrounded by vineyards and mountains. Although the people there spend their lives in vineyards, Rosa decided to differentiate herself from the others and turned her steps to comics and illustration, ignoring with good judgment all the voices that advised her not to draw for a living. Together with Aroha Travé, they published the fanzines Grano de pus and Pos últimamente.