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Participation in workshops is free of charge, registration required

SATURDAY 10:15 - 11:00

Master Class
3D graphics and its application in illustration


Dominik Turan

After an introductory presentation of his work, Dominik Turan will focus on a more detailed description of the 3D environment and an introduction to the Blender 3D modeling software.

He will explain the difference between the two most common types of 3D graphics, PBR and stylized rendering.

He will show the stylized projects he has worked on and the breakdown of techniques: freestyle, grease pencil and toon shader.

He will compare 3D techniques with common hand-drawn ones and will list the advantages and disadvantages of including 3D software in your projects.

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Saturday 10:30 - 12:00

Jarmil in India


Marek Rubec

The children will create together an endlessly long street full of vehicles, people, animals, and things (there may even be speech bubbles).

The inspiration will be a typical Indian street captured in the comics Jarmil in India. The children will work together on the creation, each drawing (drawn and cut out) will be part of a common whole.

The children do not have to strictly adhere to Indian realities and can create surreal/fantastic connections of various vehicles and creatures.

The workshop will be held in Czech. 

Number of participants: max 15 persons.

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Saturday 12:00 - 12:45

Master Class

Author & illustrator

Aino Sutinen

Sketchnotes are visualisations of information, such as talks and presentations.

Aino Sutinen is a Finnish comics artist and sketchnote entrepreneur who has created works for various clients such as companies, universities, NGOs, governmental organisations etc. She also makes them just for fun and experiments with different styles.

At this master class, we will have a look at various sketchnoting styles and then make our own sketchnote about a Frame presentation or interview. The workshop is in two stages, with an assignment in the free time between.

The master class will be held in English. 

Number of participants: max 15 persons.

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Saturday 14:00 - 15:30

How to Comics: Fundamentals of Comics Creation

Illustrator & Game creator

Zuzana Slavíková

The workshop participants will learn basic informations about the creation of stories and storytelling. We will talk about how to design the main character, his personality and motivation and how to work with these characteristics further. We will find out how to capture the points of the story within the comics windows and what are the possibilities of image composition. We will draw inspiration from the samples of comics strips and then the participants themselves will try to invent and draw this little story.

Zuzana Slavíková is an illustrator engaged in applied illustration and creative concept creation. She is currently working on her own debut computer game called Chicken Empire. At the workshop she will represent the Comics and Illustration studio for children from Sutnarky, Pilsen, of which she is a graduate.

The workshop is intended for children aged 10 to 15
Number of participants: max 15 persons.

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Sunday 10:30 - 12:00

Space Collages with Mezitah: Jádro pudla

Illustrator & Author

Filip Zatloukal & Albert Maršík

Collage workshop for children and their parents.

Feel yourself in the skin of Anka and Eliška from the comics Mezitah. Their daily bread is to look for valuable pieces in space piles of scrap metal and from them to improve or repair their own ship.

From the pile of illustrated space scrap metal you will choose the pieces that are suitable to build unique machine. The ability to work independently with scissors and glue is required (or parents can help).

The workshop will be held in Czech language.

Number of participants: max 15 persons.

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Sunday 13:00 - 14:00

„Exquisite Corpse“ with Quentin and Léo (FR, EN, CZ)


Illustrators & Authors

Léo Jacob & Quentin Girardclos

Let‘s make an Exquisite Corpse! During the workshop we will draw creatures, then we exchange sheets and draw the evolutions of the first creature. To encourage creativity, Léo and Quentin, will propose themes, objects, animals… and they will participate as well. At the end, everyone will have a paper with the first creature and two evolutions made by others.

Experience in drawing is not necessary.
The workshop will be held in English, French and Czech with a translator.
The workshop is for
children 10+ years and adults.

Number of participants: max 10 persons. 

Workshop is organized thanks to Institut français de Prague.

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