Margaux Bigou

How to make your own comics

Tomáš Zahrádka (LIVE STREAM)
Wednesday 18.11. – 17:00/19:00


Workshop for all creative kids with Tom Zahrádka. Tomáš teaches drawing and comics making at Aeroschool, and also for the organisation Post Bellum, where he and children from all over the republic document the stories of the witnesses. Create your own story in the form of a comics from which we compose together a book. Choose your art supplies based on what you like.

The workshop is free and you can sign up at our email The workshop will be broadcast live via Google Meet and is limited to ten participants. We will send more necessary information in the confirmation email.

What we’ll need:
– clear A3 paper (or at least A4)
– scissors
– pen, pencil, crayons and/or markers

Margaux Bigou

Make your own wrapping paper

ROE (prerecorded video)

An online course in printing your own original wrapping paper, which you can decorate with sponge imprint – different shapes can be cut from them, sponges have different structures, there is a huge range of colors and no limits to yor imagination! Be inspired to see what can be created using these basic materials. The more original the package, the more joyful the recipient :).

What we’ll need:
– pure wrapping paper (white or recycled)
– dish sponges, the small cheapest ones (these have the best-fitting texture when imprinted), but others may be used
– Scissors
– colours (acrylic, tempera or watercolour) and brush
– a paint mixing cup

About the lector:
ROE is Linda Retter’s small textile studio. With the basics in animation and illustration, she now devotes herself largely to experimental printing. The use of various printing techniques produces limited textile collections, zines and accessories.

Margaux Bigou

Playful Comics

Juliána Chomová (LIVE STREAM)
Friday 20.11. – 17:00/19:00


There’s no limit to telling a story through comics. Led by comics author, Julia Chomová, the children will create improvised short stories on the theme of homestaying in the time of Corona. For an online workshop, you will need to prepare coloured papers, scissors, crayons, markers and stick glue in advance. We will cut, tear, scribble, and make up a story. The workshop is suitable for children aged 7 to 12.

The workshop is free and you can sign up at our email The workshop will be broadcast live via Google Meet and is limited to ten participants. The duration of the workshop is 2 hours. We will send more information in the confirmation email.

What we’ll need:
– Colored papers
– Scissors
– Crayons, Markers
– Stick glue

About the lector:
Juliána Chomová has long worked in Prague as an illustrator and member of the Fatcat press network studio. She is a graduate of Atelier Illustration at Prague UMPRUM. She focuses on author’s books, drawing and comics. Juliána is currently publishing under Lipnik a large comic book, Spiritista, which she created from a screenplay by Klára Vlasáková. Spiritists won the Book in progress 2019. For the trilogy of Hafan’s Adventures, she was awarded by the Miroslav Šaška Foundation and subsequently she won the 1st place in the Most Beautiful Czech Book 2016.

Margaux Bigou

Make your recycler robot

Marie Urbanková  
For school groups

In places where it is difficult to go, even into the depths of the ocean or into deep space, human kind send a robot instead. A robot can do almost anything, and it’s possible that one day each of us will have a little robot as pal. Come and make your recycler robot using everything you can find with artist Maria Urbánkova in the RAKETA magazine workshop.


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